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Upstart With a Can Do Attitude 

About the owner.​

      I started this business as soon as I graduated from Walla Walla Community College with a degree as an industrial mechanic. With that backing and some help I opened up this shop with an open mind of the possibilities of where this shop can go.

      When I was younger I loved Volkswagens. even as a kid. Now after being out of the community for a while I am very exited to get back into it. I have done some work in old fashioned auto detail and I am currently hoping that my shop will one day be able to do so again. 
      Most of all I am not afraid to get my hand dirty and do good work for those are willing to give me a chance. I look forward to doing the best I can do for you even if I don't have the most experience, I am willing to learn and to make it happen.


About the company

      I work with people who live locally. We are a small shop and harbor an attitude of can do and we all work hard. We value education and we strive to keep learning every day as we go about our work in this business.

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